GoGoCar brings 24x7 Artificial Intelligence based automotive expertise into automotive digital retailing

New York, September 18th, 2017 – GoGoCar LLC (www.gogocar.com), one of the leading providers of digital storefront for car retailers, announced today the launch of industry’s first ‘Virtual Automotive Assistant’ powered by Artificial Intelligence. This is auto industry's first AI powered Automotive Expert that assists, recommends and transacts during the digital car buying journey.

Tony Urrutia, CEO of GoGoCar said, this is a big leap towards transforming the car retailing industry across the globe. The platform is designed with a ‘customer first’ approach to offer the best customer experience in the car buying journey. As we have seen in various studies -- such as the one quoted by Brian Benstock that had only 17 of the 4002 people surveyed liking the current car buying process -- the car buyer to dealer relationship is not satisfactory and buyers choose online buying options. GoGoCar assures greater customer satisfaction and a simplified sales process.

“Virtual Automotive Assistant helps car buyers in each stage of the buying journey, by showing best fit car, best available financing/leasing and trade-in offers and real-time assistance for any queries. It can handle any question related to any available car models within fraction of second with higher accuracy, which a human cannot handle” Tony said. “I spent more than 30 years in car retailing business and it helped me to understand the real pain points of both buyers and sellers. So much money is lost due to errors and lack of visibility into deals that may be available from thousands of banks out there. GoGoCar never cuts down dealer’s margin nor charge additionally from buyers. It finds the best deal always - price, rebates, trade-in, lenders and F&I. It reduces operational costs of the dealer, they get qualified leads which gets completed easily or fully completed transactions making GoGoCar the most efficient and fully transactional platform in market. This is a win-win situation for both buyers and dealers”.

With AI and digital transformation disrupting every industry in how business gets done, Automotive Retailing have a unique opportunity to leapfrog rather than scramble to play catchup. There are several early adopters of this platform and they are extremely satisfied with the same. Hubert Vester Auto Group is one among them. “We are one of the early adopters of full digitization of our retail car business. We receive only qualified leads and deals and the conversion rate is more than 90%. Ultimately, our customers are extremely happy with our online cognitive digital storefront, GoGoCar”, Christopher Vester, COO at Hubert Vester Auto Group said.

About GoGoCar LLC

GoGoCar LLC (www.gogocar.com), a dealer technology company, offers digital retailing solutions for automotive retailers. It brings 100% transparency in every transaction of car buying process and smoothens the buying journey. GoGoCar envisions transforming the car buy-sell experience and bring it to 100% digital for paperless processes.

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