The most intelligent Automotive Expert

GoGo is trained with millions of car records to empower with the right knowledge to answer any queries from your customers. Be it research, trade-in or financing - GoGo has answer for everything. Its unmatched technical knowledge base helps you and your customers to find answers for any queries at fingertip.

GoGo is ‘omnipresent’
- no boundaries!

GoGo enables you to accomplish ‘anywhere, anytime, any device’ car sales. It is available in all the mediums and devices - website, mobile app, social media, Google Assistant, Skype - virtually everywhere, 24x7!

From leads to deals
- Faster conversion

GoGo helps your customers in advancing their buyer journey by assisting with right information and the most suitable recommendations at the right time. This accelerate decision making and dealers get qualified deals, not leads.

Unmatched performance
- That no humans can match

GoGo is capable enough to handle customers independently with no human support. However it can switch to human mode seamlessly if the customer demands it.

Intelligent sales assistant

GoGo can act as a assistant for your sales personnel by helping them with accurate information real time to deal with the customers. This helps to achieve customer confidence and quick deal closure.

Trade-in Estimate

Finding your trade-in value is faster than ever now. Help your customers in faster decision making by providing estimate for their trade-in car on the fly.

Tentative Offer

Offer the most suitable finance / lending offers from thousands of banks realtime. Take control of the most important step in car buying decision making process with ease.

Human Hands Off

Give a human touch in your customer experience. Let your customer choose if they want to talk with a real human by a click of a button; the chatbot transforms to manual support.