GoGoCar brings Artificial Intelligence based Marketing through Facebook and Google

Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Skype and Slack coming soon

New York, November 29th, 2017 – GoGoCar LLC (www.gogocar.com), the sole provider of AI powered digital storefront for car retailers, announced today expansion of its industry’s first ‘Virtual Automotive Assistant’ GoGo into Facebook messenger, Google Home and Google assistant with supporting marketing services. This makes anytime, anywhere, any device car buying experience come true and allows auto dealership marketing agencies to generate more validated leads and help dealerships close deals faster.

“Marketers can drive exponential value by using AI based consumer behaviour and buying preference insights to generate personalised offers and execute high impact marketing campaigns”, said Tony Urrutia, CEO of GoGoCar LLC. “Today’s consumers are blessed with enormous amount of data and various channels to access it, hence a purchase decision can happen anytime. Facebook social channel with 240+ Million Americans is emerging as a real point of sale. Most of the dealerships have active facebook page but the conversations rarely drive to a sale. GoGo Bot integration to their facebook page can be a game changer here”.

GoGo is a conversation-based intelligent virtual agent that understands natural language and responds to any consumer queries using voice/text. Its continuous learning and intelligent knowledge retrieval capabilities powered by AI enables auto marketers, OEMs and dealerships to engage the consumer in new ways. OEMs can load brand specific knowledge paks and train GoGo. Car dealership virtual stores are open for business 24x7. Marketers are able to deliver realtime offers based on the user’s behaviour and sentiment. Consumers can research vehicles, locate their dream car, determine best trade-in value, get pre-qualified finance offers and complete the end-end car buying journey. GoGo gets better with each new interaction and has been trained to handle a wide range of scenarios. It can be trained for new skills as well.

These capabilities of GoGo is also available for limited set of beta users in Skype Messenger, Cortana (Microsoft Windows Assistant), Amazon Alexa & Slack platforms and will soon be available for a wider audience. All of GoGo’s capabilities can also be enabled to access via traditional phone calls, User dialing a specified number can interact with GoGo using natural language based voice inputs, and GoGo can be trained to respond just like a sales / service expert.

“Consumers are more active and engaged than ever now. They are able to connect with us irrespective of our showroom hours. GoGo handles the conversation independently and can reach out to human support as required”, said Christopher Vester, COO of Hubert Vester Auto Group. “We are truly excited to have this kind of innovation available in the industry. GoGo truly transforms the way consumers interact and experience modern automotive retail. We will soon incorporate this into our Facebook page and use it in Google Assistant”.

About GoGoCar LLC

GoGoCar LLC (www.gogocar.com), a dealer technology company, offers AI powered digital retailing solutions for the automotive retail ecosystem. It brings 100% transparency in every step of the car buying process and smoothens the car buying journey. GoGoCar envisions transforming the car buy-sell experience through realtime cognitive digital retailing. The platform features industry’s first Virtual Automotive Assistant for anytime, anywhere, any device car buying experience.

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