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Dealers using
GoGoCar powered
Dealer Solution

Virtual Assistant

Experience real expertise through Industry's first AI powered Automotive Virtual Assistant

All-in-one platform

Real inventory, special prices express deals

decide and buy

All the critical information you need to decide and buy your next dream car

Real savings

Get real savings by accessing all discounts, offers, and incentives out there

dealer negotiation

Reduce pricing through dealer negotiation

Experience the new way of owning

your dream car in 5 easy steps

Compare &
Select Car
Exchange &
Swift & Easy
Pick Warranty

Car buying done right!

Experience the most rewarding car buying experience in the world.

GoGo, The Power of
Artificial Intelligence

Customized to serve you better

for consumers

for dealers

24/7 Lead Management

Answers based on your real inventory

Personalized for your dealership

Staff alerts via email, text

Engagement quality that no humans can match

Integrate with your existing website or CRM

Express Dealer Solutions

A single place where dealer can setup, operate, market and run sales operations, all powered with one single service offered by GoGoCar capabilities and beyond.

  • Instant Storefront

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Trade-in offers

  • F & I Management

  • 100% Digitized Process

Dealerships powered by GoGoCar

Explore couple of our innovative clients, who changed the way their customers buy and sell cars

  • Farmington Ford
    Farmington Ford
  • Franklin Chrysler
    Franklin Chrysler
  • Team Mitsubishi Hartford
    Team Mitsubishi Hartford
  • VW of Freehold
    Volkswagen of Freehold

World’s fastest online automotive marketplace that accelerates
your car buying & trade-in needs


  • DataOne

    Industry-leading vehicle data and VIN decoding solutions.

  • Market Scan
    Market Scan

    Market Scan tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy, factor and rule that can influence an automobile sale or lease transactions.

  • 700Credit

    The leading provider of credit reports, compliance, products and soft-pull solutions to automotive retailers.

  • RouteOne

    A premier FinTech, dedicated to building streamlined solutions for the vehicle finance industry.

  • Kelley Blue Book
    Kelley Blue Book

    Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted Resource, provides vehicle valuation and digital marketing solutions that drive results.

  • The Appraisal Lane
    The Appraisal Lane

    Transforming the auto industry, one appraisal at a time.

  • EVOX Images
    EVOX Images

    Driving Innovation in Automotive Imagery™.