Making decisions with ‘GoGo’ - the virtual assistant

It's data, data everywhere! Usually firehoses of data. Sure, the Consumer is empowered but imagine getting hit by firehoses! Recent study shows that a car buyer makes 900+ digital interactions in his/her car buying journey. Oh My! Are they able to make the right decision at the right time? People may refer to this as information overload, cognitive dissonance, but the net result is either total confusion and delayed decision or more often a wrong decision. Need help or what?

How do we address this consumer pain point? One solution is to provide in-person support throughout the buying journey with right information at the right time. All those web chat services, FAQs and BDC people you will see in dealership sites. Sure there is attrition. Many need training, like yesterday. Sure you and I are passionate about cars. But not all! And providing 24x7 support is not a joke and costs lot of money! So how about a virtual assistant that can be there always, day in and out, totally trained, lives and breaths cars and can navigate through the entire car purchase journey? Well, welcome to chatbot land. Now there are a dime and dozen of these out there. Chances are that you will trip on a few as you explore the internet. Not in auto land though, Well welcome to GoGo...

GoGoCar’s solution ‘GoGo’

With more and more car buyers going digital all the way, a knowledgeable and smart virtual assistant (just a click away) will be the ideal solution for your agony and hope. Most of the websites offers live chat assistance for interacting with the customers – but again a human behind the screen! But GoGo takes it up few notches – it monitors each step of the customer and provides assistance in terms of suggestions or clarification 24x7. Now if at all the Bot cannot handle it or you do want to talk to a real person, you can, at the touch of a button..

Who said GoGo is smart? How did that happen? Well GoGo is powered by cognitive computing capabilities. This means GoGo was taught a lot about cars over several months using this technology called Artificial Intelligence (AI) that includes various algorithms such as deep learning and natural language processing. Then GoGo learned all about navigating the GoGoCar digital storefront. So it is this combination of learning, ability to understand context, reasoning based on this knowledge and facts and the ability to adapt all the time that sets GoGo apart from those chatbots! The objective is to have a truly personal conversation in natural language and find answers based on the context, sentiments and emotions of a customer. GoGo also helps buyers at each stage of the buying journey, by showing best fit car, best available financing/leasing and trade-in offers. She can handle any question related to any available car models within fraction of a second with higher accuracy often than that web chat person or that busy sales chap at the dealership who might be juggling with multiple customer contexts.

Will a smart and knowledgeable GoGo help the Dealership? Of course. Imagine having a virtual sales assistant available 24/7, can bring in the human expert as required and switch seamlessly between human and virtual assistant.

Augmenting Dealer intellect with GoGo cognition will give you the edge over your competitors! Check out now.

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