Anytime, anywhere, any device car buying and selling is here

Are consumers really ready for this?

There are 272 Million internet users in USA. 237 Million of them use their mobile handset and by 2022, this number is expected to increase to 274.05 Million. Dependency in connected devices with immersive smart apps is increasing day by day for consumer decision making. Currently 60% of the car buying time is spent online and a recent study shows that 995 consumers out of every 1,000 dislike going to a dealership. 60 percent of millennials expect that everything will be done on mobile devices in the next five years. Artificial intelligence and immersive technologies are disrupting every aspect of customer experience.

So the real question is “are Dealerships really ready for this”? Ready to open shop 24x7? Provide their best omni-channel digital and physical experience? Think beyond just new and used cars? Provide precise answers based on facts? Offer engaging conversational interfaces? Offer the ability to make buy/sell decisions anytime anywhere...

Seamless and immersive omni-channel communication

Car buyers and sellers make multiple touch points with Dealerships, OEM and various auto sites to research their dream car or what they want to buy now or to figure out the best trade-in deal. Often they are helping others. They need car details, pricing, expert opinion, financing options, consumer sentiment, market trend and the best deal. These moments of truth are all part of the same buying journey. So how do you get most out of these interactions? Consumers should be able to communicate through any channel seamlessly - website or mobile app or chatbot or phone or walkins. Omni-channel is no longer a luxury.

Finding a solution for this may appear straightforward but requires new gen cognitive big data architecture, API gateways and an immersive experience. The approach goes beyond websites, mobile apps, aggregators and requires considerable changes to offer a compelling omni-channel customer experience. You can find many products and solutions for digital retailing, digital marketing, chatbots, marketing campaigns in the market. But these cannot be just stitched together to get the desired outcome.

Cognitive computing and precision targeting

Understanding the micro moments of truth throughout the consumer journey is essential in building an engaging customer experience. It helps to create compelling marketing offers and for the dealer salesperson to trigger fruitful conversations. Disparate set of tools will not cut it. This is where Cognitive redefines Precision. A cognitive computing application can precisely track and analyse the customer behaviour and sentiments to help them with proactive advice or tips at a right time in the decision making/buying process. This helps the dealer salesperson as well as customers to experience a smooth transition from one stage to the next. At the sametime, with the precise and personalized customer insights, the dealers get a one of a kind opportunity to create tailor-made offers and communications for individual prospects. This enhances the conversion rate significantly and takes the customer experience to the next level.


Adopting an “anytime, anywhere, any device” retailing strategy would be an integral part of the automotive business in the near future. The GoGo platform from GoGoCar offers it today. It can be your digital store or a mobile app or a chatbot or an instore app. It is platform/device independent, available 24/7, trained with millions of car records and can facilitate the entire car buying process. It offers cognitive precision throughout the journey. With this state-of-the-art solution and sheer knowledge about the industry, GoGoCar is changing the way how auto retailing is done now. Ok GoGo we just got started and we have miles to go..

Note: This article was originally published in LinkedIn Pulse -

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