A reality check on the automotive digital retailing readiness

Tony Urrutia, CEO of GoGoCar wrote a LinkedIn article in the recent past on digital readiness for car retailing. He states that just having a website or showing their inventory online doesn't mean that those dealers are ready for digital retailing. The car buyers should be able to complete the entire buying journey completely online and all the paperworks digital.

Digital Retailing Survey done by eLEND Solutions recently reveals that, though auto dealers consider themselves digitally progressive, adoption lags. "Dealers overwhelmingly say they are progressive and willing to adopt more digital retailing tools (84%), yet the majority define digital retailing as posting inventory and report that over 50% of their process continues to be manual/paper-based", the report says.

The dealerships participated in the survey agree that customer service is the key dealership differentiator and believe a digital retail strategy is the key to reduce the transaction time. 90% want it to be under two hours but only less than half are able to achieve the same.

Read the full article at CBTNews: https://cbtnews.com/auto-dealers-digital-adoption-lags

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